Classic Baja Cool

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Modern Sensibility

Though we are always looking ahead to what’s new and exciting, we remain dedicated to serving authentic Mexican and Mexican-American flavors

Do You Know Our Story?

Victor Bergeron’s first Señor Pico location opened in 1964 when a friend, William Matson Roth, asked him to open a restaurant in Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco.

He travelled all over Mexico, immersing himself in the culture and experiencing the vibrant and authentic cuisine known to the region.

Inspired by his trip he decided to incorporate this experience into his own creative interpretation – Señor Pico.

Fresh takes and unique dishes take our food to the next level.

The cuisine at Señor Pico offers re-energized classics and new favorites with a vibrant and spicy streak appealing to a wide range of diners.

From our hearty torta sandwiches, our popular tacos árabes, speciality sesasoned rotisserie meats, or our signature crispy cheese quesadillas, dining at Señor Pico is a true exploration of Mexican American cuisine.

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